About Us

"A truly great studio inspires creativity and innovation"  

Tucked away in the quiet back streets of Sydney, South Street Recording Studios is a sanctuary for creativity. In our studios, craft is always king and we hold ourselves to the highest standard when it comes to quality.

Our goal as a studio is to help you achieve your vision. To do this we focus on nurturing the creative partnership between artist and engineer.

Our services range from that of a traditional recording studio (recording, mixing and mastering) to the more contemporary (pitch correction, videography and video editing). Some of our services may even be accessed entirely online (mixing, mastering and video editing). Yay internet!

If you would like to know about pricing you can request our pricing information. If you are interested in finding out more you can contact us at info@southstreetstudios.com.au, or through our contact sheet.

People Have Said:

"...amazing to work with! Very supportive, patient and enthusiastic - exactly what you need when recording in a studio" - Kartik Kuna

"Recorded my first single at home and sent in the project for them to mix and master. Luca was a champ and every time I came back with something I wanted to change he was super helpful. Also gave great suggestions and worked really efficiently" - Jackson Kinder

"Very professional, superb sound quality, and easy to get along with, these guys know what they’re doing and if you want a good quality recording for a decent price check these guys out" - Steven Campbell